Happy Lighting App


Picking up the pieces

• Adjust the color of the light.
• Change the color with the music.
• Change the color according to the surrounding voice.
• Wave mobile devices to change the colors.
• Pick color from the pic and change the color of the LED lamp.
• Set up time and color to automatically turn on the light.
• According to certain modes to change color.

How I Got There

Based on the research finding, we brainstormed the ideas, and then classified them and decided the design direction.

Designing this product came with the challenges. One of them is how to make sure users can quickly understand what they can do on this product and how to use it. To solve this challenge, we need to focus on every detail design and we add a “Guide” feature easy to access at all times to show all the functions in this product.




APP Guide Prototype


High Fidelity Prototype